The Deep Talk Book

The book Deep Talk by Tuula Valkonen is currently available in Finnish and contains information on the method and resources. If you are already a Godly Play trainer, this book will help you to start using Deep Talk by yourself.

It is available for 28,00€ online and through bookshops  from Kirjapaja, ISBN 978-952-288-172-4

The English language version of this book is out-of-print and further information about the availability of this in the future will be available summer 2019.

book cover

4 thoughts on “The Deep Talk Book

  1. Is this book available in English? I own a bookstore in western Washington in the USA and my Episcopal rector would like to get a copy and then possibly provide to other church members. – David Hartz, Book ‘n’ Brush, Chehalis, WA


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