Developing Deep Talk—training

Developing Deep Talk: training in 2019/20
There are two courses, in English, planned for 2020, one already scheduled and open for booking after four courses having taken place in 2019.

The course is called Developing Deep Talk is a two-day training (plus a follow-up, Yihaa half-day) and provides a comprehensive exploration and equipping for practicing Deep Talk (more briefly described here).

Forthcoming Trainings
Sheffield on Friday 10 and Saturday 11 January 2020, Sheffield, booking open now!

We also are advertising follow-up Yihaa half-days, for those having already attended the Developing Deep Talk training, booking for which is now open for 06 March 2020.

(Previous Trainings in 2019: Sydney, April 2019; Sheffield, May and September 2019; Dublin, November 2019.)

Please read to the end of this page for a full explanation of the training. For those interested in experiencing Deep Talk more first, ask our online community when a Deep Talk course is happening hear you, or consider requesting a course, like these Deep Talk Retreat days in Sheffield.

*Deep Talk*
— is being used with adults and youth, often in groups, but also one-to-one; those trained in Deep Talk are using it in work and business settings as well as in education, church and therapeutic contexts.

*Deep Talk method*
— takes a number of Godly Play principles and some Godly Play stories—along with some new stories—and adapts these for a spiritual process suitable to secular and religious settings, to help groups work through issues or challenges, or consider their organisation’s vision or mission.

*Deep Talk development*
— began in Finland with Tuula Valkonen, but now this is developing in the UK, the Netherlands, South Africa, Namibia and Australia. Since 2016 several trainings in Deep Talk have taken place in Sheffield, England and this is the latest one, led by Jeremy Clines. It will be for a group of up to eight people, so please book straight away if you are interested.

*Deep Talk sessions*
– begin similarly to Godly Play – by sitting in a circle; the showing of a story; and a time of wondering; but then everyone changes places and a dialogue game is played, arising from the story: this is when the group explores their work and life together. Then a celebration and chance to say farewell.

*Developing Deep Talk training*
This two day training led by Deep Talk Trainers and is a comprehensive exploration and equipping for practicing Deep Talk. Experience in Godly Play is helpful but not essential.

*Further details about Developing Deep Talk training*
This is a 15 hour course across two days, with a total cost of £150 (for the two days) including lunch and refreshments. There will then be a further half day course, which will happen occasionally, for a further £50 for those wanting to complete the training.Version 2