By OutoftheBox Training

A not-for-profit organisation called OutoftheBox Training offers Membership for a one-off fee of £49 with access to ‘Essentials and The Art of OutoftheBox’ courses. Courses are either online over eight weeks or face-to-face or you can opt for self-led learning at your own pace (free with the Membership). You can book an online Experience.

For a one-off fee of only £49 OutoftheBox Membership includes:

  • 49 Wisdom stories – with scripts and videos
  • Self-led Story and Play training through online resources and training videos so you can learn at your pace and at your own convenience
  • Story Development Groups through our online community for those who want to collaborate with others in co-creating stories
  • Storyteller support groups through our online community
  • OutoftheBox resources to purchase as well as templates and ideas for making your own storytelling resources.
  • Other genres of stories: History, Arts, Nature, STEM, Religions, and Faith (as they are developed and for a small additional fee)
  • an annual webinar
  • Story and Play training in a small group (online or face-to-face) for an extra cost.

Courses coming up (online and face-to-face).

Developing in the Art – face-to-face in Sheffield 17th June 2023
For those people who are practised in the art of sharing stories and leading the wondering who want to learn the art of Community play.  Please book here

Essentials and Developing in the Art – online
Friday mornings May-June

Developing in the Art – face-to face in Sheffield following the Deep Talk conference
10 September 2023 (for those who attend the Deep Talk conference 8-9 September)

If you are interested in joining a course but cannot manage any of the the dates above please use this form to register your interest. Please contact Kathryn Lord if you would like us to offer a bespoke course or taster for your group. You can also view our online and face-to-face courses here

Bespoke Trainings and Workshops offered by OutoftheBox
You can request face-to-face trainings (which are currently offered in the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa) or online for your community. OutoftheBox also offers Wisdom Wonder Wellbeing workshops and online Experiences as an introduction to this storytelling approach.
Please contact OutoftheBox training or Kathryn Lord 07767141664