Announcing the first deep talk conference, 06–09 September 2023

From Wednesday 06 September 2023 4pm to Saturday 09 September 4pm a flexible conference will take place for Deep Talk practice and theory. Save the date! This will take place in Sheffield, England. Bookings will open on Monday 16 January 2023, please fill in this form to express an interest in the conference and to get email updates.

The Holy Mountain: photo by Ari Olnas

The first 24 hours will focus on theory and training. The next 48 hours will be about enjoying and experiencing this approach to showing stories and community dialogue and play in many styles and forms and for different settings.

Wed. 06 Sep. 4pm to Thur. 07 Sept 2.30pm
Theory: including papers and workshops providing analysis of what Deep Talk is, to contributing to the forthcoming Journal of Deep Talk.
Training: in Deep Talk, for those who want to learn more about Deep Talk but what to receive some training before diving into the main conference.
A call for papers will open here on 31 October 2022.

Thur. 07 Sep 4pm to Sat 09 Sep 4pm.
Practice. Experience, dialogue, encounter, have a go and taking part in Deep Talk and dialogue with Deep Talk practitioners, find out how Deep Talk works in practice, for example:
– in adult groups,
– in schools,
– with children and young people in diverse settings;
– in belief, no belief and religious settings;
– in chaplaincy centres;
– in social work;
– with those who are marginalised for reasons, for example of, poverty, health, age, disability, gender, race-inequality, sexuality,
– one-to-one work including spiritual accompaniment.

The provisional location is Sheffield, England.

Accommodation including breakfast, provisional cost £50 per person per night.
Provisional Conference Fees including refreshments, lunch and dinner:
– £90 for each whole day attended (e.g. morning / afternoon / evening);
– £70 for a up two-thirds of a day (e.g. morning / afternoon or afternoon / evening);
– £50 for one-third of a day (e.g. evening or morning).

– stay for 4 nights, and attending the whole conference, £200 accommodation and £300 fee;
– stay for 2 nights, and attend from 4pm Thursday until 4pm Saturday, £100 accommodation, £210 fee;
– stay for 1 night and attend from Friday 4pm to Saturday 4pm, £50 accommodation and £120 fee.

Bookings will open on Monday 16 January 2023, please fill in this form to express an interest in the conference and to get email updates.

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