Call for Papers: Journal of Deep Talk

An exciting broad and diverse Call for Papers has launched today for a new Journal of Deep Talk, which is a journal that many and any may want to contribute to, some contributions will be from those who practice Deep Talk, or facilitate, some will be academic, some will be new stories. Read on.

This new, broad project is to enable Deep Talk practitioners and researchers to publish in a generous, broad, diverse, inclusive and international open access online journal. The journal has a broad-based board representing many regions of the world. The journal’s design is to be of direct and immediate interest, relevance and usefulness to Deep Talk facilitators, those wanting to learn more about the method and those facilitating training in Deep Talk and those researching this kind of group work.

The journal will invite a diverse range of contributions; issues will contain a combination of Deep Talk stories, reflective practice narratives, case studies, academic articles, news and book reviews, spiritual writing and poetry. The call for contributions is always open.

New volumes will come out each calendar year, beginning in 2023. Each volume will usually consist of two issues—April (issue 1) and October (issue 2). This means that the call for papers will close for issue 1 on 31 January and for issue 2 on 31 July. 

Please read full details and respond to the Call for Papers.

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